The Glow Yoga Team

Molly Glow Yoga Dewitt NY


Yoga Instructor

What makes you get up and glow?
I love to move my body by exercising first thing in the morning. Even though I may not be happy when the alarm goes off, it sets the tone for my day and I find myself with more energy and a positive attitude as I head off to work.

What is something that has surprised you about being a yoga teacher?
I always thought of myself as a shy person who hates to get up in front of people but I love teaching. It brings me so much joy to share this practice with others.

What are your interests outside of yoga?
Anything with my kids—going to my boys’ football games and my daughter’s concerts. Spending time as a family, as well as walking, reading, being in or near water and laughing with friends.

What is something that puts a smile on your face?
My kids and my husband

What is one (or two or three!) of your greatest feat of strength or endurance?
I used to say playing D1 basketball but then I had to have my right hip replaced twice in 15 months. So, definitely being active in spite of it all.