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Glow Yoga FAQ

Yoga at Glow: Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ answers the most common questions about our yoga classes and how to prepare for classes. View the answer by clicking on the question. If you have a question that we have not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Do I have to register for classes ahead of time?2024-05-05T18:01:08-04:00

You can, but our yoga studio can accommodate up to for 70 people in a class, so no worries about pre-registering (except for special events)!

I can’t decide if I should become an Unlimited Yoga member or just do 8-class passes – What’s the best way to decide?2024-05-05T18:01:01-04:00

If you’d like to be practicing 7 times a month or more at Glow, it’s a no-brainer: membership is the most cost-effective way to practice. And, people who become Yoga Unlimited members receive special program discounts and free passes for friends. That said, we understand that membership isn’t for everyone! If you can’t get into the studio 7 times a month, the 8-class pass is your best option. This brings the per-class price down to $18 per class, and our passes are good for two years!

Where are you located?2024-05-05T18:00:56-04:00

We are in the Dewitt Wegmans Plaza, 6823 E. Genesee St, Fayetteville, New York. Come say hi!

Is your yoga hot?2024-05-05T18:00:48-04:00

Our power classes are heated to approximately 90 degrees. Other classes on the schedule (Foundations, Yin, Restorative) are not heated, though the room is always warm.

What should I wear to class?2024-05-05T18:00:42-04:00

Comfortable clothes! Ideally yoga pants and a top (not too loose). It’s best to practice on a yoga mat with bare feet.

What should I bring with me to class?2024-05-05T18:00:21-04:00

A yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle. If you don’t have these, we rent (and sell) yoga mats and towels, and we have bottled spring water for sale.

Do you rent mats or towels?2024-05-05T18:00:08-04:00

Yes! It’s a $5 charge to rent a mat or towel (we also have a great selection for sale)!

How early should I arrive for class?2024-05-05T17:59:56-04:00

It’s a good idea to get here 10-15 minutes before class-time to sign in order a post-class juice or smoothie and settle in.

Can I arrive late for class?2024-05-23T11:10:43-04:00

We’d rather have you practice than miss it, even if you’re a little late. For our one-hour classes, the check-in cut-off is 10 minutes after the start time, and for 75 minutes, we extend that to 15 minutes. Please note that late check-in for meditation or restorative yoga classes are not permitted.

Can I leave class early?2024-05-05T17:59:40-04:00

If you must, of course! Please do not leave or re-enter the room during Savasana.

Glow Juice Bar

Where are you located?2024-05-05T18:00:32-04:00

We are in the Dewitt Wegmans Plaza, 6823 E. Genesee St, Fayetteville, New York. Come say hi!

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