With a curated selection of apparel, yoga, and wellness products to help our community live healthier, more balanced lives, Glow offers a wide range of high-quality wellness products to help you take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Elevate your wellness journey at our boutique.

Apparel & Accessories

What you put on your body has an impact on how you move and feel in your life. So, we carefully source a wide range of items to foster a sense of well-being. Glow features a range of feel-good apparel to support a vibrant lifestyle. Yes, we offer all the great athleisure brands you’re looking for, but you’ll be surprised at the other weekend wear and jewelry we have in store.


At Glow, we carefully source a wide range of items to foster a sense of well-being: body, mind and spirit. We hope you’ll be surprised and delighted by the range of books, skin care products, candles, energetic cleansing options, and tasty treats to leave you glowing from the inside, out.

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga mats, towels and accessories? Yup! We’ve got them! Meditation resources, including cushions, candles, and oils? Yes! We have those, too! Everything you need to get aligned, present and practice!