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Welcome to Glow

Glow is a place you walk into and instantly feel a sense of delight. You’re greeted warmly and it’s clear that the employees see you and want to share what we’re offering here.

Our vision has always been to create a special place that feels unique from the moment you walk in. Our studio is bright and welcoming, full of fantastic smells and visuals, is sparkling clean, and has inspiring music filling the rooms.

Our Staff

Our team of teachers and instructors love answering your questions – and we hope you find it’s clear they want you to enjoy this special place just as they do. They’ll learn your name, remember it (and be honest when they don’t – it’s a lot of names!), and ask how your day is going. Our juice bar and retail staff stay busy, but never too busy to stop what they’re doing and help. Always aware of what we have to offer, our team is never hesitant to offer helpful suggestions to guide you to what you need.

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Our Studio

In the yoga room you are welcomed with warmth (literally and figuratively) and eye contact. Our teachers at Glow want to get to know you. They are up to something bigger in their lives than teaching an ‘interesting’ or ‘clever’ yoga class – they are here to inspire you to first and foremost accept yourself just as you are, and to be here for your growth. You’ll feel welcomed, encouraged, and like a part of the family.

While we take yoga seriously, we know it’s ok to be lighthearted and fun. We let yoga be the yoga and teach from our own growth and desire to be fully authentic. The team (juice bar, retail, and yoga instructors all on the same team) are supportive of one another and help each other out. We show up, and we get that the connections we make have the power to change lives for the good. The space is cared for tenderly by all.

At Glow we clear the rocks in the stream as they occur, keeping the flow of communication clean and clear. We clean up any little ‘messes’ as we go and move on better for having hit a bump and learned from it.

Friendships are formed here, and everyone who works here, whether for six months or six years, will have their lives changed for the better because of it. We recognize that community is formed in surprising places – even in suburban strip malls – and is the result of one exchange at a time.

Welcome to Glow